Three Questions I dare you to answer!


Why God?

Why do you believe in God? Do you realize it is a choice for each person? What makes you claim faith in a divine creator instead of chance? Do you find evidence in the beauty and magnitude of creation that defies randomness? Do you find strength and hope in the words of other believers who have preceded you? Why do you choose to believe in God? Or better yet, why would you choose to reject belief in God?


Why Church?

Many people today don't think they need to attend a church to be a person of faith, and that is true.  Personal faith is of vital importance. However, corporate faith is equally valuable. We need to be in community for several reason.  

  1. Our faith is intended to be an encouragement for others.  As we live out our faith and share our experiences, it is like planting seeds or nurtering the faith of others.
  2. At times our own faith wavers or we encounter challenges of life. These are times it is essential to be a part of a community of friends and small group who love you and are committed to stand by your side.
  3. The process of caring for the needs of others and serving our community is not only a Biblical mandate, but can be done more effectively as a team. Whether you want to serve locally, donate, or go on an international mission trip, all of these are a part of being church together.



There are several things that make JROL unique.  We are relevant, sermons, worship, service projects, and allthings are relevant to today. We are casual, real people who reach out and care for each other and our community. This is a church where people feel at home and comfortable no matter how they show up.  Our size is not overwhelming.  When you show up you will find people from a wide variety of vocations and backgrounds who are friendly and welcoming, and our Pastor is always available to meet outside of church or make hospital calls as needed.  He loves building relationships and being together in ministry with every person. Finally, we are a community focused on serving together and, "Being Christ in Community."  We hope to see you soon.