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Adult Teams, Ministries, & Small Groups

Small Groups are essential to accomplish the mission and vision of Jesus for His church. Jesus created a small group as a primary method of transformation and multiplication for His first twelve disciples. At JROL, we encourage every adult to join or form a Small Group.  Teams are like small groups, but instead of focusing on study or spiritual development, they become the hands and feet of Chirst to serve the community.

Join an existing small group or team today.


Small Groups:

20 Minute Talk Back

A small group that meets after Saturday evening worship. The group is always changing with new faces and all are welcome. They discuss the sermon, scripture, and topic of worship with the pastor. This is a relevant group that intentionally applies the topic to their lives and situation. If you are looking to encounter real life in a group join this group every Saturday 5 PM worship, and 20 minute talk back from 6:10 PM to 6:30 PM. 


LifeGroups logo JROLLife Groups

We currently have two small groups that meets in homes and bounces around.  These groups are open and growning.  If you are looking to connect in a home setting please check with Pastor Ferguson or email for more information. To view the list of current life groups, see our announcement page.


Topical Study Group

This is more of a focus group that discusses current topics or ancient church fathers, and random faith subjects.  It does not meet year around, but meets for 6 - 8 weeks at a time dependant upon the topic of discussion.  If you are interested, check to see what is currently on the agenda or what the next study will cover.



Adult Teams:


Praise Team

The praise team leads music at both the Saturday and Sunday services.  We are always looking for instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, flute, violin, or any other gift you may have to offer.  The team meets on Tuesday evenings and warms up before each service.  


Event Planning Team

We host many community events through the course of a year; from Easter egg hunts, movie nights, meals after worship, kick-off, Community beggars night, and Christmas at the Barn.  This team is always changing, and always taking on the mammoth task of putting together an event to support the growth of faith and families in our community.  


H2GO Team

This team works hard both independently and corporately to make sure the children have a positive experience of faith and a solid grounding in biblical knowledge.  They are responsible for the Saturday evening and Sunday morning planning as well as Vacation Bible School.


Set Up Team

As a portable church, we have a lot of equipment to role in and set up and tear down every week; sound, lights, video, banners, altar, cross, instruments, even the chairs.  This team is dedicated to the weekly labor of making sure your worship experience goes as smoothly as possible.  We are always looking for individuals who are willing to give 30 - 45 minutes Friday evening or Sunday after worship.


Administrative Team

We have individuals who are a part of the larger church who serve on boards like Staff Parish Relations, Finance, Trustees, Lay Leadership, and Ad Board.  These members are the oversight and connecting point of JROL to New Hope and the Larger Church.