I'm starting to make friends at JROL. I'm trying to put my past behind me and give it all to God. Forgiving myself is the hardest part... I'm use to living in pain and hurt, and I didn't know anything else. I'm ready for the light of God. Thanks for accepting my family and I. It feels great being a part of a family.
-Bridget P.


Pastor Craig has certainly been very visible in the community and active in serving on the Partnership board of directors,the Lions Club, chamber of commerce and has been present at the Johnston Farmer's Market and bringing the other church leaders together for pastoral meetings. The church has involved the community in events during holidays at The Barn, Halloween, Green Days and others. I can certainly see that JROL is committed and  interested in expanding their ministry beyond the walls of a church. 
-Barbra A.


JROL has been everything I have been looking for in a church. I have always wanted to be part of a church that reaches out to the community. To feel needed and to make a difference. With JROL I have found that and call it home. 

-Laura S.


JROL is a place where we have been blessed to become connected with active Christians who truly live out the mission statement: "Serve God, Love Others, Follow Jesus". 

-Denise H.


At a time when many churches are aging, our worship services are filled with young families and children. It is both a blessing and a responsibility to nurture the next generation of believers. 


I have been inspired and challenged to grow in my faith at JROL. The sermons are meaningful and relevant in my hectic, fast-paced life. 
-Laura Z.


JROL is a place to go where you can worship with a wonderful group of people who will welcome you in.
-Teresa G.